Reportage: DAY6 Concert at O2 Academy Brixton

Ever wondered what it’ll be like to experience a live band in a language you have next to no experience in?

With the music industry concentrated by western artists, sometimes it’s refreshing to get out of the western bubble to discover new global talents.

DAY6, a 5-member (previously 6), South Korean band doing their 2nd world tour after their 1st one ‘Youth’ was successfully sold out within minutes of release. The Gravity world tour was announced a few months after the end of their previous world tour.

The 2020 concert happened in O2 Brixton, a venue with a capacity acutely shy of 5’000. I arrived at the venue around midday to ensure I got the best possible space for the concert, but little did I know, there was already around 100 to 200 people queuing up. Walking down the side of the line, trying to find the end of it, as it wrapped around the length of the building and started continued around the corner. Music was being blasted from the album as well as other songs from JYP artists. The excitement overtly expressed on people’s faces as the waiting has only just started.

T minus 5 hours.

It is common knowledge to people familiar to the Korean entertainment/K-Pop industry, that it is extensive. You will never feel the need to be part of the same stan groups as their will always be a magnitude of things to talk about. Shows to share, the discovery of new groups and the instant connection to people you will never meet again. It all comes with the experience.

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Review: Radiant

Would you watch a TV drama from South Korea? There’s a different air and sense of reality you get that alters your own perception more than Spanish telenovelas and British soaps.

The talent of fitting an intense storyline within a 12 -16 episode is beyond me.

You can expect sponsorships that go beyond, with the cast meeting in Subway every other episode but you can’t show loyalty to Apple because South Korea is truly faithful to Samsung.

This drama is no exception.

Radiant, 2019, goes by many names, the direct translation being ‘The Light in Your Eyes’ but can also be commonly referred to as ‘Dazzling’. The South Korean fantasy romance television drama aired on JTBC from 11th February to 19th March. It starred the well-known talents of Nam Joo-hyuk, Han Ji-min, Kim Hye-ja and Song Sang-eun.

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Malorie Blackman Teases Fans with Noughts and Crosses Update

Malorie Blackman teases fans as she uploads a photo of Masali Baduza and Jack Rowan, the two main actors set to play Sephy and Callum in the Noughts and Crosses live action series, on Instagram.

Her award winning book of the same name, ‘Noughts and Crosses’, was released in 2001 and the series that followed acquired a lot of critical acclaim and popularity amongst people growing up in the 2000s and early 2010s.

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The Latest Nought and Crosses Book Will Be Inspired by Brexit?

Author Malorie Blackman has announced the summer arrival of the fifth book of the Noughts and Crosses series. 

Crossfire, which will be published by Penguin Random House Children’s, 11 years after Double Cross, the fourth book in the series. The novel will take place several years after the ending of the last book and will follow a third generation of new characters. However, there will be cameo appearances from well-known characters in previous novels, such as Sephy and now-adult Callie-Rose making an appearance.

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The Hate U Give

Directed by: George Tillman Jr.
Screen play by: Audrey Wells, Angie Thomas
Starring: Amandla Stenburg, JK Appa, Issa Rae, Regina Hall
Release Date: 19th October
Rating: PG-13

Based on the best-selling novel by Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give was written in response to the black lives matter movement and America’s recent history with police brutality. The Hate U Give (abbreviated as THUG), delivers a compelling and tear-jerking story of grief, loss, friendship and identity.

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