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To find out more about my experience, check out my CV below.

Hello! I’m Cheyanne, a Multimedia Journalism student based mainly in London and Essex, UK.

Through studying journalism, I have gained valuable experience in traditional journalism skills such as court reporting, media law and interview techniques.

My blog content follows a spectrum of interests such as entertainment, culture, research and commentary. I like to focus on the niche aspects within these categories such as indie games and Korean entertainment. This blog is also used to display my university portfolio, allowing you to see my development in writing style as well as increased skill in editing programs. I have partaken in many projects such as a print production module where we created a magazine.

If these topics don’t interest you, don’t worry as I constantly dabble in all types of newsgathering.

I have strong belief in journalism being a voice of the people and my aim is to show that through my work.

Unrelated to journalism, I am a proud animal lover, Nintendo fan and have a fascination with sustainable fashion.  

I am constantly looking for ways to improve both personally and through my work. If you have any feedback, tips or opportunities that would be beneficial to me, I would greatly appreciate that and don’t be shy to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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